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Hey guys, once again this is Danielle, the creator of Eat Clean Eat Green. Above, I am providing a video from my partner Tara’s page. This video above shows an easy, and inexpensive meal to make from one simple vegetable. The vegetable that she chose is one that often people dread! The vegetable is cauliflower.  After she demonstrates how to create her meal, her video leads us to another website off of the Tasty Facebook Page that tells us various other ways in which cauliflower can be used. Cauliflower is the new carb. People are using the cauliflower as a substitute to grains.You can even create pizza crust out of cauliflower which is significantly reducing your carb intake. The best part about the buffalo cauliflower tacos is that it fits in with my page and my theme of Mexican. The tacos are vegetarian, and who doesn’t love buffalo sauce? One other thing that I would like to add to her recipes is that currently, most supermarkets sell cauliflower rice. Cauliflower rice is just an already chopped up cauliflower which can also help you to save time! Our goal here is to help you scholars and parents of scholars be prepared for your time at Rutgers. There is an endless amount of opportunities when it comes to cooking and preparing meals. We want the Rutgers college experiences to be enjoyed and stress free. There is nothing to be scared about upon entering Rutgers. Please also check out our other partner’s page as well. Dom over at  Sports Caster Central relays great information on his page. Together our campaign for Rutgers Future scholars all ties in with one another. Don’t forget to check out the Rutgers Future Scholars page as well which is listed in my blog below. Thanks for visiting guys! Stay posted for future blogs 🙂

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Rutgers Future Scholars

Rutgers Future Scholars

Hey guys its Danielle, the creator of Eat Clean, Go Green. I have recently partnered up with Dominick the creator of SportsCasterCentral and Tara the creator of EasyBites to make a campaign to promote the Rutgers Future Scholars program.  Our goal is to teach you scholars how to make quick and easy meals for once you are at Rutgers, and have busy lives on the go! We want everyone planning on going to Rutgers to have a successful journey.. Stay tuned to all of our pages  EasyBitesSportsCasterCentral, Eat Clean Eat Green to see how our campaign comes together and be sure to visit the Rutgers Future Scholars page to learn more about this program.

Screen Cast

This was probably my favorite part of creating a website so far. It gave me the opportunity to realize what I do like on different websites as well as what I do not. It was easy to create and the directions were to the point. What I did not like most about this part of the project was that it required a lot of downloading. I had to download ScreenCast, I had to download a different microphone, and I had to make many accounts. I feel as though my emails are multiplying by the assignment. Screen casts are useful because you can speak directly to your viewers, and also show people what you want to point out as if you are teaching. I feel as though I will use a screen cast on my professional website in the future for other purposes. You can use them to jump to other sites directly such as you tube if you wanted to show a video or another website that has useful information. The downloading for the screen cast/ saving the video did take a longer time than the other websites did. The purpose of screen casts is to explain and show viewers what you need to show. You are able to gain knowledge, and also you can teach in your style and with your voice which can make it culturally appealing. In summation, I was a fan of this assignment. The uploading to Youtube was very simple unlike the other assignments as well.

Audio Post

This was the hardest part of the project that we have done yet! It was an absolute nightmare! Firstly, I had to watch multiple videos on how to record my own voice. There are so many apps that I have within my MAC that I never knew existed. Once I figured out how to make a voice recording, the actual making of it was easy. Next I picked out two free songs from the website that was given to us. Using Audacity was the worst part! The videos that were given to us were very useful, how ever mixing everything together was a bit of a pain. The worst part of it for me was exporting. The exporting alone took me an hour and a half. My computer made me download something that was called LAME. Without LAME, I was unable to convert my new audacity with the song and all into sound cloud. I had to make about four different sound cloud uploads because it kept only downloading my voice. After the lengthy, difficult, and stressful process I am very happy with the outcome. My voice over powers my songs. My beginning song is welcoming and my end song leaves you with a sense of determination. I also have many friends that use sound cloud. I am very pleased to finally have my own sound cloud account. It is very easy to use and provides you with codes to specifically use for your word press. I truly am learning how to make one mean and hearty website!



Designing My Header

Designing my header was a very lengthy process. I was torn between what kind of look at first that I was going for when creating my header. I decided soon after to go with an animal and vegetable approach. I added brightness to my image to make it stand out, but not too much to where it was distracting. The next process that took me a while was adjusting the size of the image. After I was using different fonts and writing different things on my header. After a while, I realized I did not have to have the name of my site on the header as I have a banner underneath. The one thing that came naturally to me was that a lot of the buttons reminded me of when I used to play around on paint when I had an old school computer. The more I played around with Pixlr, the less frustrated I became. I hated how there was different pages/ layers. I wish that it was designed so that everything was just on the same layer and you could just click right then and there what you wanted to adjust. It even took me a minute to realize my image was one layer and new image, which was a blank layer was yet another layer. I do see myself using Pixlr again because it does offer many opportunities in the future to create my own professional header. I now also am able to help my friends that graduated and need to create their own websites create their own professional headers! I showed this site to my mom and she was even impressed with the final outcome of my image. This class is showing me many things that I never took into consideration. I look at websites and never thought to myself “wow, somebody actually put a lot of time into this.”

Setting Up Word Press.

The process of setting up a word press was very difficult to me! It took me a while to understand that my pages would not work until I changed my theme. Also, I do not fully know how to change this picture of the tree above to an image that I would like. I did not think that it would be this complicated and precise. Hopefully I get more used to using this. I would love to have a cool site.The first image is from Pinterest and the second is from google images.